The All New 'Lone Wolf James' Debut Album Release 
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The New Self Titled Album 'Lone Wolf James ' Is Done 
Gary ‘Lone Wolf’ James - Lead Vocals/Electric & Acoustic Guitars, Backing Vocals
Ron Vieira - Lead Guitar
Jeff Holmes - Bass, Backing Vocals
Brian ‘Thor’ Sachs - Drums, Backing Vocals
*Chris ‘C-Rex’ Ward - Additional Bass & Backing Vocals


All our families and close friends for their love & support.  
Kim for being the LWJ merchandise girl for over a decade. You are my sister! 
All the venues we tore the roof off of. 
Drumlin Downe Studios for the great memories, and awesome recording experience. 
Album Recorded, Produced and Mastered by Brian Sachs aka 'The Big Lebowski'
All the bands we shared the stage with. We are all rock n roll family!
Jodi Page & Pedal Snake Stomp Cables for the awesome endorsement!

All songs, music & lyrics written by Gary ‘Lone Wolf’ James except- 

‘First Breath’ written by K. Cote & LWJ
‘Forty Five’ written by C. Ward & LWJ

See you on tour!!!


Song Lyrics From The New Album

Tell your story walkin'
Tell someone who cares
Save your preachin'
Your crocodile tears

Baby if you want you can hold my hand
I will lead you to the promised land
Maybe I'm not the one you need to save
So keep your blind faith I'll never change 

From cradle 2 grave

Praying on your knees
Means nothin' to me
Save your heaven and hell
For the wishin' well

Music & Lyrics LWJ


I took a walk down to the corner store
Got no money I had to steal
Never had nothing but bad luck
Got the shitty part of life’s little deal

Until you walk in my shoes
Or you pay all my dues
You can wrap your lips
Around my attitude

I’m sitting in the gutter while you’re living the dream
While others always get the breaks
All I ever get are broken promises
So stand in line, take a number, and wait

Music & Lyrics LWJ


A pane of glass is breaking apart
Shattered into pieces around your cold red heart
A proposition from me you’ll think about it
With favors to concede, you’re not about it

Here we go again
Tunnel closes us in
In the morning when its bright
There’s nothing but darkness tonight
I can tell you friend, it’s a permanent trend

Headed out in a new direction
A place to revel in my disconnection
Understanding is a forien term
Just another lesson I never learned

You got 45 dollars and a months parole
A certain situation going out of control

Music C. Ward & LWJ
Lyrics C. Ward


If you see him crawling
Through the misty haze
If you hear him breathing
Can you get away

He sees you standing in the moonlight
Is calling for you, for me tonight

Im on my way

If you hear him speaking
Tell me what does he say
All I need is something
To turn night into day

I got something to say 
Better kneel down and pray

Music & Lyrics LWJ


There a way too many people working from 9 to 5
While million dollar losers give the media all their time
Your told what’s good and what is bad every time that you turn the dial
Today its hip, the latest fad, tomorrow it’s out of style

I didn’t write the rules 
I’m no body’s fool 
If you don’t like what I’m singing babe don’t hate the player..

Hate the game

Some people watch the world go by 
Some can’t wait to end their day 
Opinions vary all the time but I never heard a thing you’d say 
Black or white wrong or right don’t matter when we are all the same 
If money equals power do the poor hang their head in shame

Music & Lyrics LWJ



Music LWJ


When you see me coming
Look the other way
If you see me running
You become my prey

I can hear your heartbeat getting faster
Can you see the devil in my laughter  

My eyes are closed
Just try to take my soul
My blood runs cold
If I lose control

Then Here Cums The Pain

You think I’m playing
Like this is just some game
Your mind is racing
Mine’s just insane

Music & Lyrics LWJ


Don’t Tell Me You Love Me
Don’t Say That You Care
Don’t Tell Me There's Something
Something Special We Share

Lady Take Me Home
I'd Rather Be Alone
I Don’t Wait By The Phone
In A World Of Dog Eat Dog .. 
You're Just A Bone

Don’t Tell Me Your Different
From The Ones Before
Don’t Tell Me You Need Me
Don’t Wanna Hear It No More

Music & Lyrics LWJ


All I want is someone to look into my eyes
Say hey man everything’s gonna be alright
You’re just a person trying to make ends meet
All that matters is that you wake up to take that

First Breath 

Tomorrows problems will meet yesterday’s laughs
Everyone swears that you’re not alone
You’re not the first I guarantee you won’t be the last
Tomorrow will come other day to take that

Music LWJ
Lyrics K. Cote


Have you heard the story
About a place I know 
Out in the swampland 
Under the moons glow
The natives are restless
A town lives in fear
From a dirty old man
With a devil’s glare

You can’t run you can’t hide 
Better get inside just as quick as you can
There’s no more time you’re in the sights 
When you hear the howl of

 The Wicca Man

There’s no way to fight him
You can’t make a stand
Nothings goanna stop him
It’s in Satan’s hands
No shaman voodoo
No gypsy crystal ball
No mojo magic
Is goanna make him fall

Music & Lyrics LWJ

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