Lone Wolf James started his music career in 1986 as a drummer, and in 1989 began singing. He took vocal training under the tutelage of nationally-known vocal coach Mark Baxter. Mark’s students consisted of such celebrity vocalists as Steven Tyler, Peter Wolf, and Gary Cherone.

In 1997, he became a solo artist and songwriter, donning the name “Lone Wolf James,” developing his own style of Acoustic Hard Rock with a Blues/Funk edge.

Releasing his debut CD, “Prey,” on April Fool’s Day 2000, the CD sold out. He then received “Best Artist,” “Best Album of the Year,” and “Elite Musician Award in 2000/2001.”

His second CD, “Native Groove,” was released in 2002, and Alternative News Magazine presented him the award for “Best Male Vocalist of the Year” and was inducted into the Music Meter Hall Of Fame.

Lone Wolf James placed first in the Emergenza National Festival, and was endorsed by Millennia Guitars. He then was hand picked by Lil Stevie Van Zant (Bruce Springsteen band) to perform at his Underground Garage Showcase in RI. He performed as part of the nonprofit A3D to raise money for Africa.

His third CD, “Tribal Funk,” was released in September 2004, followed by a five-month development deal with Chromium Records from the UK in 2005. LWJ released a song that cemented in the #4 slot for three straight months. In 2007 Lone Wolf James was chosen to perform live at the Talent Rock Showcase in Orlando, FL.

Trading in the acoustic for a Les Paul and a Marshall Amp, LWJ beefed up his old school rock sound and is in the sound company of bands like old aerosmith, ac/dc, guns n roses, and more…

LWJ’s fourth CD “Voodoo Moon” was released December 1, 2010. After the release of the Voodoo Moon cd, LWJ opened for such nationals as Lynyrd Skynynrd, ZZ Top, John Cafferty, Alter Bridge, Black Stone Cherry, Theory Of A Deadman, The Fools, & many more.

LWJ is currently finishing up his 5th cd and getting ready to go on tour of the south this winter as well as Canada and over seas in the near future.

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Jeff Holmes                      Bass -- Backing Vocals -- Website -- Graphics -- Videos
Jeff Holmes started playing Bass as a teenager in 1988 Joined an all original rock band called Storyteller witch became very popular in the New England area opening for such bands as Foghat , John Cafferty and the Beaver Brown Band, The Fools just to name a few with Storytellers original  songs playing on the radio the band quickly became the headline act for most shows.

Jeff has been in a number of amazing bands with amazing Musicians Such as Storyteller, Evidence, Regular Humans, Samhain, Big Daddy Bone, American Mixer 
and now Lone Wolf James.  

Jeff Holmes has a very smooth but very heavy thunderous Bass style Using a Carvin Bi Amped Bass Rigs with 18" drivers and 10 " speakers for ground shacking  punch in your face low end. 

Basses include a very rare Phil Kibicki Factor, BC Rich Exotic Zombie Bass with a Killer kickass sound, A whole slew of different Ibanez Basses including a very rare 1997 SG 990 with a very sweet smooth but punchy sound. 

Heavy, but melodic all original hard rock
 in the style of some of the best 70's and 80's rockers

Lone Wolf James

If you love Rock Bands Like 
 Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Alice Cooper, 
Bad Company, Guns and Roses, Motley Crue, Aerosmith
 and bands of that ilk,

 Then you are going to love the Music of

 Lone Wolf James

Melodic and heavy hard rock
 that gets your heart pounding 
while you find yourself singing along
 to an infectious chorus.

It's time for you to join the 'Wolfpack'!

Formed in 1997 as a solo acoustic act,
 Lone Wolf James was originally an outlet for the songwriting talents of
 Boston based musician Gary James. 

Performing his own unique hybrid of Hard Rock/Blues and Funk, 
Lone Wolf James released several albums in the acoustic/electric rock genre 
and received many accolades, including the Alternative News Magazine’s award for
 ‘Best Male Vocalist’ and election into the Music Meter Hall Of Fame.

 After placing first in the nationwide Emergenza Festival
 and signing an endorsement deal with Millennia Guitars, 
Lone Wolf James was offered and accepted an invitation from
 Steven Van Zandt [Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band]
 to perform on the wildly popular ‘Little Steven’s Underground Garage Showcase’.

 Trading in the acoustic for a heavy duty electric setup
 and putting a talented band together,

 James continued his musical assault while on the local scene,
 building up a reputation as a hard-working, no- holds barred, 
take no prisoners rock band. 

Lone Wolf James has shared the platform with

Ted Nugent, Alterbridge, Candlebox, Black Stone Cherry, 
Jefferson Starship, Eddie Money, 
John Cafferty & The Beaver Brown Band,
 along with many others, always to rave reviews. 
The year 2012 had the band sharing the bill with rock legends

 ZZ Top and Lynyrd Skynyrd,
 a professional and personal highlight.

 Featuring James on guitar and vocals,
 the flame-fingered Tim Evans on guitar,
 the thumping clockwork precision of bassist Jeff Holmes
 and the thundering pound of drummer Kevin Cote,

 Lone Wolf James is now a full-fledged hard rock act
 performing on the biggest stages with rock music’s biggest names.

In September 2016,
 Lone Wolf James graced the cover of
 ION Indie Magazine.
 Mark Myers calls them
 “Straight Forward, No Bullshit, American Rock”.


2000 - Releases debut album ‘Prey’
2000-2001-Receives ‘Best Artist’, ‘Album Of The Year’ and ‘Elite Musician award
2002- Releases sophomore album ‘Native Groove’
2002- Awarded ‘Best Male Vocalist’ by Alternative News Magazine
Inducted into the Music Meter Hall Of Fame
Places first in Emergenza National Music Festival
Endorsed by Millennia Guitars
2003- Performs as part of ‘Little Steven’s Underground Garage Showcase
on a personal invite from Steven Van Zandt [Bruce Springsteen]
2004- Releases ‘Tribal Funk’, the third Lone Wolf James album.
Signs development deal with Chromium Records
2007- Performs at Talent Rock Showcase in Orlando, FL

2008- Performs with John Cafferty & The Beaver Brown Band and Eddie
Money at Blue Ocean Music Hall in Salisbury, MA
2010- ‘Voodoo Moon’, album number four, is released
2011- Performs at ‘Carnival Of Madness’ festival
2012- Performances at festivals and with national recording artists
continue, including an opening slot for the ZZ Top/Lynyrd Skynyrd bill in Scarborough, ME
2015- Performs shows with Tom Keifer, Buckcherry, Jackyl and Candlebox
2016- Release of self-titled album Lone WOlf James, makes number five

Southern tour including the Miami Hard Rock Café
 and opening for Living Colour at the Cape Coral Bike Rally

Laconiafest with Ted Nugent , Buckcherry, Saving Able, And Candle Box
And so many , many more National Acts.

Now Signed By GatorAid / The Orchard / Sony Music Entertainment 

Having Come Full Circle, 
Tim was in Gary‘s original band way back in the day, his very first guitarist for his very first band, Scimitarr (with 2 R’s). Believe it or not they were doing all originals from the start. As most early bands do, things fell apart, and everyone moved on. Tim played in many bands, playing both covers and originals. Some notable efforts include The Force, a metal band, and the thrash metal band Wicked Planet, and there were many stillborn attempts at starting bands, joining bands, but nothing seemed to have much staying power. Years passed and Tim found himself torn between his art and his music, eventually combining the two as he made over 300 show posters for Boston promoters, especially Hear Now Live!, and this was able to keep an eye on the growing music scene. He came back to performaning as the lead guitarist for Dave Dunn’s Dangerous Dudes, a classic rock revival band. Eventually bass player Dunn would join Tim in his Hendrix inspired effort Trouble With Tim... at this time Tim and LWJ crossed paths multiple times and occasionally spoke about working together again. This amazingly came to fruition in 2019 as LWJ was seeking talent to fill an empty lead guitar slot in the band, and joined up along with incredible drummer Kevin Cote, another LWJ alum from years past. They all look forward to an exciting future of collaboration and music!

Gary "Lone Wolf" James    Artist -- Musician --  Songwriter -- Singer -- Rhythm Guitar
Timithy Evans                 Screaming Lead Guitar
I was involved in music at a very young age. I started playing music in the second grade and the first instrument I learned to play was the Flute. A couple years later I transitioned to the Alto Saxophone. Growing up in the eighties with MTV, (when they actually played music videos) all I wanted to do was smash the drums!!! While I was in college a friend of mine was getting rid of his old kit and asked if I wanted it. I put that beat up Pearl kit in the basement of my apartment building and drove my neighbors crazy. At this time in life, Creed was my favorite band and I put their first CD on loop and played to it for hours. After a couple years of teaching myself, I hit a wall with learning so I decided to get some professional instruction. I took lessons for a couple years under a gentleman named Reid (unbelievable drummer!!). I played in a couple bands, one of the first being Lone Wolf James. After being the drummer for quite some time, I decided to leave to focus on raising a family. Always staying in touch, a few years later I was asked if I wanted the spot back and I happily returned!!  
Kim Douglas                      Merch Manager , Roadie, occasional Bouncer ( 2006-present)

  May 2006 i went to my first LWJ Show in Sommerville Ma.
  i was so impressed i went to Haverhill Ma.  the next night to see him again
  Wolfie's vocals captured my soul and i was hooked. a few weeks later 
  a friend and followed him up to Rumsford Maine,
  where i found my place with the pack.

  It didn't take long for us to bond, for him to go from Rockin' Boss man to Brother,
  or should i say it didn't take me long to realize the powers that be had sent me
  the little brother i had always wanted , when i needed him most.
  C2G my Wolfie !!!!!!

Kevin Cote                      "The Nocka" - Drums -Backing Vocals
Joe Rainone            Manager / Gator Aid / The Orchard / Sony Music Entertainment
Julie Parker - Nashville Division Lone Wolf James Band Representative
Brian Sachs - Music Director - Producer - Drumlin Downes Studio
Congradulations to Lone Wolf James!!! 
What an incredible album by such a talented artist.
 Good times and Great Music were made by all. 
It is fitting that such an exciting project
 would complete the circle of life at 

Drumlin Downe Studios  (978) 360 - 4421